SZÉKELY & BORDERIE – Virgin and Child


This Virgin and Child in enamelled terracotta made around 1950 is from the first period of creation of the group founded by Vera and Pierre Székely and André Borderie. They devoted themselves mainly to the creation of religious works.

Signed “SZB” inside.

André Borderie, Pierre Szekely, Vera Székely, Virgin and Child in enamelled terracotta, circa 1950.


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Height 23 cm
Diameter 8,5 cm

Good overall, a chip under the base visible on the last picture.


Ceramic reproduced in:

Daniel Léger, Mathieu Buard , Vera Székely, Paris, Norma, 2020, p. 24.


The Székely couple began their collaboration with André Borderie in 1948 in their workshop in Bures-sur-Yvette. From this date the group signs its works with a monogram in the shape of a cross composed of an S, a Z and a B or simply “Szekely-Borderie”. During the first years, the group realized mainly religious creations. Gradually, they turned to ceramics with more abstract designs, including distributed by the Mai Gallery. This common work ends in 1957.