Valentine Schlegel – Sculpture


This terracotta sculpture was created in 1988 by Valentine Schlegel (1925-2021). This work, which comes directly from the artist’s personal collection, is the first of a series of eight pieces.

Signed “V. Schlegel”, dated “1988” and numbered “1/8” on the side.

Provenance: Sale “Estates of Yvonne Brunhammer & Valentine Schlegel”, 30/06/2022.



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Height 38,5 cm
Width 22,5 cm
Depth 11 cm

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Valentine Schlegel, born in 1925 in Sète, is a complete artist. Trained at the School of Fine Arts in Montpellier, she created costumes for the theater, ceramics, and sculpted plaster fireplaces that made her famous. She moved to Paris in 1945, where she died in 2021.